Twenty Twelve

I feel like I’m in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four because I’m having a strange moment unique to Twenty Twelve. In the next nine minutes, I will lose all power – laptop, cell phone, everything – and I will be totally disconnected from everyone, in pitch blackness and with no water. And, somehow, I feel I […]

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(Stuff) people SAY at the COSTCO food sampling station when they think everybody is listening—so they don’t appear to be freeloading like everybody else (and what the food servers are really thinking)

Mm. This is pretty good. In which aisle can I get it? Are you blind? (Acting all surprised) Hey what do you have here? You cheap mf! I saw you looking at me from the time I was preheating the oven A little heavy on the saffron Maam, you can choose to add less saffron, […]

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